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Sexy Wear is a product category that can include any manner of clothing or accessory used to accentuate and enhance sexuality. Some of the products that would fall into this category would be clubwear which includes the standard “little black dress”, body suits and short shorts. Lingerie is also included in this category so teddies, nightgowns and baby dolls would fit nicely here. In addition you will see sexy costumes for both men and women featured here and that will also include accessories like hosiery, shoes and the like.

Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible and we will use our personal opinion, product facts, ratings, manufacturer info, customer feedback as well as online reviews to provide the information to you. In addition we may give you a story from a personal point of view in the event that we have owned or used a particular product.

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Five Outfit Inspirations for Your Corset

corset ideas

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your outfit, you can do little better than a corseted look. The problem is, with such a sexually dominated, brave piece of clothing, how do you decide what to wear with it?
Luckily, we’re on hand to give you the advice you need, and show you that even as a daring top in itself, the corset can make for both a casual, relaxed outfit and something much more upmarket and stylish.

Distractions! (Funny)



Does anyone have trouble focusing?







Sexy Lingerie Ideas

camo lingerie

There’s no question about it; any kind of lingerie may as well be considered sexy lingerie when it comes to what most men are going to think when they see a woman they find attractive wearing it; however, even though you may not have to try incredibly hard to make an impression when it comes to dressing scantily for that special someone, who’s to say that you can’t be creative? Getting into different styles of lingerie can easily bring a surge of spice and variety to any love life that’s been going on for an extended period of time, and in some cases, completely revitalize the hot and heavy romance. Don’t be afraid to get just a little bit creative.

Sometimes, however the style of the lingerie is not what should be changed, sometimes it the color of the garment can make all the difference, take a look at our examples below.

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Men Should Wear Sexy Underwear Too

sexy boxer briefs

Sexy underwear has become a staple of the image of the archetypical sex appeal of women worldwide, but there’s no rule that says men can’t be entitled to attractive underwear as well. As society progresses to a much more equalized idea of sexuality between both men and women, there has also been the steady homogenization of the ideas of what makes either or gender sexually appealing as well. Slowly but surely, it has become more commonplace for me to step out of the preconceived notions that contemporary society has about what is ‘acceptable’ for the lengths that men can go to in order to be just as attractive as they want to be.

Times have changed

Compared to what may have been observed years ago, men are now more likely to wear makeup, shave excess hair, and invest time into ‘dressing up’ than they may have when gender roles were perceived as being more set in stone. Among this small-scale revolutionizing of the more sexually liberated man is the concept of sexual underwear designed specifically for men.

(Check out our collection of Sexy Mens Underwear HERE

How to Pick the Right Club Dress

sexy club dress

A common problem encountered by all young women that are out for a night on the town is the struggle of not being able to choose exactly what kind of garment they wish to take out for their big night. If you narrow it down to some specific qualifications, however, you can make the process of picking out a dress to wear much easier than it would be if you were flying blind.

What kind of impression are you out to make?

You can greatly benefit by envisioning yourself meeting another person that’s wearing the dress you’re considering, and forming an idea of exactly what kind of impression that person would give you when you saw them. Do they strike you as a trendy, fashionable person or someone who is humble and understated? Do you believe that this person looks classy, or are they playful and promiscuous?  Is this a person that you would like to mirror and aspire to look just like? If you aim to dress yourself in the image of your ideal self, you’ll feel much more natural in your own skin and instantly exude a higher level of attractiveness. Clubwear typically is a little more revealing, so be sure to factor than in when you are deciding.

(To see some of our sexy Clubwear visit THIS LINK)

Benefits of the Corset

black leather corset

A corset can be just the ticket to making you feel just a little bit less uncomfortable wearing the clothes that you know you’re meant for, but just don’t fit as properly as they should around your unique frame. The different kinds of clothes available all around the world are constantly out of reach of many beautiful women due to inefficiencies they carry in being able to more easily fit the more modern woman, one who is uninhibited and not afraid to do, eat and say as she wants.

No More Stress

One thing that a corset can do, however, is make the challenge of fitting into these clothes much less stressful than it would be otherwise With a corset, you’re able to take up your fashion game to an entirely different level; the corset will take the natural physical beauty that you already have and mold it into a much more enhanced picture.

Natural Enhancement

The corset is adjustable, so you’ll be able to take complete control of all of just how much you want to adjust the tightening of your torso. When the corset is fully adjusted, it should be able to freely move about in it while still being able to feel almost as though you’re almost in an entirely different skin. The corset is not going to be a device of constricting, but one of embellishing; by taking the body’s natural curves and fitting it into a frame that is even more surreptitious and enticing, you’ll be able to almost feel as though you’re unlocking your body’s latent potential for seduction in public, without having to go through the trials of completely reestablishing your entire way of life.

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Top Six Sexiest Lingerie Staples

red corset

Looking sexy makes a woman feel sexy, and nothing looks sexier than a woman’s curves enhanced by the right piece of lingerie. 

Aphrodite’s Intimates carries sexy wear designed to showcase and support women’s bodies of all shapes and sizes, and our lingerie selection is custom-crafted to include pieces that accommodate all sexual preferences and styles. (Guys, don’t feel left out–we’ve got plenty of sexy wear for you, too! Look for a Top Six list of sexual accessories for men coming soon!)

1.Bra Set: Nothing enhances the natural symmetry and beauty of the female body in quite the same way as a well-fitting bra and panty set. Our selection of more than 200 of these sexy-wear staples offer everything from peek-a-boo bras with crotchless panties to tube tops with hot shorts. Whether you desire maximum or minimum coverage, wear size small to 3X, prefer one fabric to a blend, like to get down in a certain color, or simple want to explore some of the garments featured in 50 Shades of Gray, we’ve got a bra set just for you!

4 Sexy Role Playing Fantasies

sexy naughty nurse costume

The English poet John Keats once said, “My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk.” These words of wisdom say the possibilities are endless! As Children we lived in fantasy worlds but why do we feel we need to stop as adults?

Aphrodite’s Intimates not only carries a number of great sexywear adult costumes and corsets, we will tell you about some of the hottest role playing fantasies according to us!

#1 Doctor/Nurse and Patient

One of the most popular fantasies on the planet! Haven’t you had a hot Nurse bent over fluffing your pillow and thought “she’s hot?”  Here’s your chance to give that extra “table side manner” with a sexy twist! Give your partner a full body exam with a side of some sexy love time!

#2 Prison guard/inmate

Break out the handcuffs! You’ve been a naughty, naughty girl! Cuff her and tell her you’re putting her in solitary confinement until she learns to be a good girl!! Tell her not to make you use your baton on her, both of them!!

True Blood Fans: Sink Your Fangs Into Sexy Wear!

coquette trueblood

Like it, love it, or really love it, there’s no disputing the fact that True Blood is the sexiest show on TV–and for good reason! All those hot bods are clad in corsets, bustiers, bra sets, and other sexy wear of the highest quality, from top manufacturers like Coquette International.

But you don’t have to be Sookie Stackhouse to look good enough to bite! Here at Aphrodite’s Intimates, we’ve done the legwork for you and complied the best possible selection of lingerie, club wear, costumes, and sizzling-hot accessories, no matter which True Blood character’s sexy style you covet. The only thing you have to do is choose your next victim!
Sookie Stackhouse
Sookie is the quintessential small-town charmer, and it’s easy to see why she’s the center of the action: the simplicity and subtlety of her sex appeal are irresistible. To emulate her style, try a bra set in cotton-candy pink or oh-so-virginal white.

A Look at the Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume

wonderland costume


Every Halloween the two toughest choices you have to make are A) Which party to go to and B) Which Costume is perfect for the Party?