Five Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas For 2014

Halloween is as much a holiday for adults as kids. Trick or treating gives way to adult play and this takes the perfect costume to wear. Your ideas can go from playful to sexy to completely X-rated and you need a place that provides just what you are looking for. If you’re looking for the right one to party in this Halloween, look no further than these great choices. The first three are from the sexy collection and the last two go over the line into strictly X-rated.

Nurse Ivana
This sexy option takes an old favorite and lets you whet their appetite for more. Nurse Ivana’s outfit comes with a halter tie top, thong, hat, belt and novelty syringe. The bedside manner is all left up to you but the treatment you give or get should be a whole lot of fun. There isn’t much to the costume, which makes the price just about perfect.

Sexy Nurse Costume Ivana

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French Maid
Another traditional favorite with a new, sexy twist is the French Maid outfit. This four piece set comes with an apron, a maid’s cap, French cuffs, and panties. It’s all you need to clean up on Halloween night. If you’re looking to add a little more oomph to the outfit, you can check out one of the accessories advertised with it: an aphrodisiac enhanced lubricant. After all, a good French maid should be prepared for anything.

sexy french maid costume

Exotic Bellydancer
This one is a good way to show off your moves and most of the rest of you as well. You can also use it to be the Genie out of the bottle for the night. Just be careful what wishes you choose to grant. The outfit comes with a halter bra with coin trim, a thong with an attached mesh skirt, and a neck collar with a chain leash. It’s the perfect replica of those exotic Arabian nights. You’ll want to make sure who’s holding the end of your leash though.

Sexy Belly Dancer Costume

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl
Head to the wild, wild West with this X-rated ensemble that shows just how racy a cowgirl can be. The outfit includes a pink fringed cowgirl bra with matching scarf cuffs and thong, and a holster belt because every cowgirl needs somewhere to put that six-shooter. When you put this costume on, you’d better get ready for the ride of your life.

Ride em cowgirl costume

Gypsy Dancer
Travel even further into your erogenous zones by dressing for an erotic gypsy caravan. This outfit includes an open cup sleepwear bra top with coin trim and a matching g-string. There is also a matching head band, wrist bands and neck band with attached cape to make the look complete.

sexy adult gypsy dance costume

Happy Halloween!
Whichever costume you choose, your night will be memorable. There are also amazing accessories to help you create the mood and enjoy the experience. Check out all of the various lubricants and other notions designed to go with the particular costume you choose for Halloween night.