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adult toy mini vibeAdult Toys are simply props or gadgets that people use to enhance sexual pleasure either alone or with a partner.

Of course these toys have a wide range of applications and are designed for women, men and couples to use. Some of the types of adult toys we will discuss are vibrators (often misspelled vibraters), dildos, male masterbators and much more as we think of it.

Aphrodite’s Intimates realizes that an adult toy is a high personal choice but not a decision to be taken lightly. To that end we will do our best to provide product information from manufacturers, industry experts, customer feedback, online reviews and even personal stories and recommendations.

Our goal is to be a valuable resource for everyone that visits our page so when they are ready to make that purchase they choose our products with confidence.

We hope that you find that special toy that gives you and if applicable, your partner, years and years of reliable performance and pleasure.

10 Doc Johnson Products You Had No Idea Existed

The sex toy industry is rocking and rolling. Back in 2008, the industry was worth right around the neighborhood of $15 billion worldwide, and had an estimated 30% growth rate. Today popular portrayals of female characters’ usage of sex toys is becoming more common. And as pop culture begins to openly embrace its sexuality, it’s easy to come back to an old marketing tactic — sex sells.

One popular sex toy company, Doc Johnson, is one of the oldest sex toy manufacturers in the country. Doc Johnson has been selling sex toys since the 1976. They’re responsible for creating toys from the likes of Jenna Jameson, Sasha Grey, and Belladonna. They’re also creators of two of the most popular sex toys to date — the Pocket Rocket and the Lucid Dreams vibrator collection.

But did you know Doc Johnson also made unique products like the Mini Mini Monkey – an extremely small vibrator meant for clitoral stimulation in the form of a monkey? Read on below to find 10 Doc Johnson products you didn’t know existed.

1. Wonderland The Mystical Mushroom – The mystical mushroom kicks things off for us by being an Alice in Wonderland inspired g-spot stimulator. The mystical mushroom isn’t messing around. At 4 inches of usable length and 10 different function, it’ll take you on any adventure you want. **Out of Stock but more than 75,000 people have purchased this ring**

Wonderland Mystical Mushroom

2. Oralove Intimints Mints Tin – The oralove intimints makes the list because a sex toy company is the last place you’d think of buying a pack of mints.

orallove intimints tin

3. Pussy Pump – Yes, you read that right. This product serves the same role as its counterpart, the penis pump. Using promise of the pussy pump is that it will “enlarge your love lips for ultimate love-making pleasure.”

Blue Pussy Pump Doc Johnson

4. Squirting Realistic Cock – Let’s be honest, dildos are a dime-a-dozen at this point. What makes this dildo unique is that it can ejaculate. Equipped with a nub at the tip for added realism, and realistic balls, the squirting cock is almost as good as the real thing. For an added bonus, you can put in whatever substance you want.

doc johnson squirting realistic cock

5. Ur3 Club Ashton Moore Ass and Vagina – This is a realistic modeling of Ashton Moore’s lady bits. Fit with ultra realistic 3.0 material, what makes this unique is the model itself. Most products like these only model the bits, but the Ur3 AMAV modeled part of her hand for added realism. There is also the Sasha Grey deep throat stroker which is a popular and well reviewed product.

Ur3 Club Ashton Moore

6. Vac-U-Lock – Knuckle Up – A Vac-U-Lock is a locking system fit for use on strapons. What makes the Knuckle Up unique is that it is essential an anal plug sitting on top of brass knuckles.

Vac U Lock Knuckle Up

7. Doc Johnson Batteries – AAA 4 Pack – Possibly the cheapest 4 pack of AAA batteries around, Doc Johnson branded batteries are perfect for powering other Doc Johnson products.

doc johnson aaa batteries

8. The Fist – The fist is exactly what it says it is – a model of an arm and fist. The 14” Fist is armed for any situation.

Fist Toy

9. Wendy Williams Ur3 Ass and Balls – The Wendy Williams Ur3 is the perfect mold for when you’re just not quite sure what you want. This is another unique mold that adds in both hands for the extra realistic experience.

Wendy Williams Ur3 Ass and Balls

10. Mini Mini Monkey – Rounding off our list actually brings us back to the beginning. The Mini Mini Monkey is the perfect bullet vibrator to add a little fun into your play time.

Doc Johnson Mini Monkey


While not every toy listed on our list will be to your liking, they’re all special snowflakes in our book. For more great products, cruise on over to this store and check out these products and hundreds of others.

Ohare Vibrating Erection Ring-NEW

Ohare Vibrating erection ring

The rabbit you love. Wearable rabbit vibrator. Ohare turns him into your favorite rabbit vibe with a comfort fit erection ring and super powered 4 function motor enhanced with soft, flexible rabbit ears! 3 speeds plus pulse function. Excite and delight with targeted clitoral stimulation from an iconic shape she loves, and keep him harder longer with a comfort fit ring that secures the vibrating rabbit in place! Reusable fun. Replaceable AG13 batteries that last 45+ minutes. Waterproof for play outside the bedroom.



OHM Vibrator Massages your ‘CHI’

Revel Body Sol Sonic Vibrator

Designed featuring the power of ‘Om’, the new sonic SOL vibrator by Revel Body claims to offer more than simply relaxation and rejuvenation. Om is considered to be the energy that exists within us, capable of connecting and joining people together by various ancient cultures. As such Om vibration has been designed to deepen intimacy, promote sexual awakening, reduce tension and stress, and even renew an individual’s body, mind and spirit.

These award-winning vibrations feature technology tailored to offer sensations superior to any other product, with amazing performance on the most intimate areas of the body. The sonic SOL vibrator comes with adjustable settings, changeable QuietCore attachments to allow users to customize their experience, enhanced underwater action, and a discreet shape ideal for ease of use and comfort. What’s more, the product is made with body-safe materials to enhance peace of mind, including no lead, phthalates or nickel. Considered to be an incredibly reliable battery-powered vibrator for clitoral stimulation, capable of offering the widest variety of vibration, the SOL comes with a warranty of two years, meaning that customers can always buy with confidence.

What Can It Do?

The only vibrator available that captures ‘Om’ vibration, the Revel SOL vibrator is capable of massaging your Chi, or heart chakra. This is an energy which is recognized by various ancient cultures, capable of joining people together.

Because the Revel Body SOL is completely waterproof, it’s perfect for use underwater or in a bathtub, taking pleasure to a whole new level. Underwater, when the SOL is pressed lightly against the clitoris, suction is created, and when used on setting three, it leaves the user with sensations of a flicking tongue and passionate kisses.

Settings and Attachments

The Revel Body sonic SOL vibrator comes with six separate settings, with OM vibration featured on the sixth level. Unlike most conventional vibrators, the SOL’s most powerful settings are located towards the lower range of numbers, with setting three providing the most powerful sensations.

Alongside the various different settings to choose from, users can select from three extremely high-quality body-safe attachments to customize and intensify their experience. Removing the need for several different vibrators, the SOL gives an all in one experience, with an attachment suitable for everything that you might need. The rose tip, a smooth, round surface with a broad area coverage, offers a highly pleasurable sensation, and on the fourth setting, can provide enough intensity to loosen and ease muscles throughout the entire body.

The fawn tip tickles the sensitive areas of your body, and provides a great opportunity for playing with sensations in foreplay. This tip can be used all over the body, and on various settings, although the manufacturers recommend setting four for the ideal experience. Finally, the ever tip provides a larger surface area and a more interesting texture that has been especially created to provide a fantastic experience for someone seeking a muscle massage or stimulation to an ‘outie’ clitoris. Perfect for beginners, the Ever can be used on the lower settings, or higher for a more intense experience.

We-Vibe 4 Now Available!

We Vibe 4 is now available at Aphrodite’s Intimates!

We Vibe 4 Picture

We-Vibe 4 takes couples to new heights of intimate pleasure. The world’s number 1 couples vibrator, completely redesigned for better fit, heightened intensity and more control. She wears it during sex for extra stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot. Together they both share the vibe. Extensive product research and testing with consumers, retailers, sexologists, relationship counselors, OB/GYNs and sex researchers has led to the most advanced We-Vibe to date. We-Vibe 4 is shaped for even greater pleasure. Its new compact form hugs the body to deliver stronger, more intense vibrations. The curved clitoral stimulator follows the curve of her body and gently rests between the labia, while the stiff mid-section ensures a snug fit. The redesigned G-spot stimulator sits in place behind the pelvic bone, increasing stability and comfort for both partners. It’s one wild vibe. Made with silky-soft medical- grade silicone, We-Vibe 4 is body-safe and 100% waterproof for fun in the shower and easy cleaning. The simple control button, at the top of the clitoral stimulator, cycles through 6 vibration modes. Or the remote control allows for fine-tuning of the stimulation. Use the up/down buttons to step through 10 levels of intensity or press and hold the up button to soar to max right away. Use the left/right buttons to go backward or forward through the modes including the new Echo vibe, which alternates between G-spot and clitoral vibration. Wireless remote with intensity control. Silky-smooth and soft medical-grade silicone is ultra comfortable. Compact, body-hugging form stays in place and fits all body types. Stiff mid-section for snug fit “Â makes a great panty vibe. Two powerful yet whisper-quiet motors provide intense stimulation. 6 vibration modes, including new Echo vibe. 100% waterproof. Eco-friendly rechargeable battery with USB connection. 6-hour charge delivers up to 3 hours of play. Discreet carry case for charging and travel. 1-year warranty. Use only with water-based lubricants. The range of the remote is 10 feet.

Creative Uses for a Sex Wedge Pillow

man and woman using sex wedge pillow

There are countless uses that you can expect from the sex wedge pillow and countless reasons this pillow is so popular. The sex wedge pillow is a creative way for couples to make love. The wedge pillow is created in a unique and creative design. This pillow is shaped in a unique way and adds great comfort while couples are getting intimate with one another. The Liberator sex wedge pillow adds comfort both for the girl and for the guy. Pleasure is maximized whenever you include the sex wedge pillow to your experience together.

Creative Ways to Use the Sex Wedge Pillow

There are several creative ways you can use the sex wedge pillow after you purchase it:

• The pillow can be used creatively for the girl because it provides great comfort and becomes a solid and firm support while the male lifts and holds her hips at an angle that is desired.
• The pillow is great for him because it is shaped in a way that is highly unique and helps to provide a great space for the guy’s knees and legs to fit and move comfortably under the woman’s hips.
• The pillow comes in a great compact size. It is big enough to support the couple, but also small enough to simply slide underneath the bed to be pulled at when needed.
• This great and high-quality sex wedge pillow helps to make a sex position better. This pillow is flexible and allows couples to try out brand new positions or simply make their favorite ones better than before.

Why is the Sex Wedge Pillow So Popular?

There are many reasons why the sex wedge pillow is so popular. One of the main reasons is that it is made at the highest quality possible. This fancy prop helps to raise and lift your body off of the bed. It allows for creative and new angles and it really does not matter what position you are in. You can always expect the best experience when you include the sex wedge pillow. Experiencing position fatigue will never be a problem again when you have the sex wedge pillow. It can be used with your partner, or even alone if you wish.

How is it made?

The sex wedge pillow is made of core foam that is highly dense. It is made this way so that it will never become flat. The sex wedge pillow constantly gives and provides you with comfort, reliability, support, and so much more. The plush velour dual covers are able to be removed and are also resistant to stains. They are easy to clean and also very easy to wash. Once you try the sex wedge pillow, you will never want to go without it. It is one of the greatest props for intimate interaction with your partner. This product will never let you down and has countless creative uses that you can use it for.


How to Have a Great Time with the Ohmibod Club Vibe

OhMiBod Club Vibe

You can have a great time with the Ohmibod Club Vibe wherever you go. This product is known as an award winning and life-changing product. This vibrator is operated by remote control and you can charge it yourself whenever needed. You can have a wonderful time when you take the Ohmibod Club Vibe with you!

The Look

One reason people love this product is because it has a sophisticated and classic look. It is also very lightweight so you won’t even notice it is there. It is created with slim lines and has a great look and appearance that you will simply love. The vibrator is tucked inside a custom black lace thong. It’s a comfortable wear that will leave you 100% satisfied.

Where Can You Take It?

You can take the Ohmibod Club Vibe vibrator with you anywhere. For example, you can take it to the night club, which will be a great experience. The vibrator has the ability to pulse to the beat of the music at the club. You can set it to whatever level you wish, from level 1-5, which includes different patterns. The vibrator can also vibrate to the sound of your partner’s voice. It is great to take anywhere there is music. Take it to your favorite concert and you will have a great time! On that note, you can even wear it to a dinner party. It really doesn’t matter because you it will not be heard by anyone around you.

>>Take a Look at the ORIGINAL Ohmibod Club Vibe Here<<

Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.OH

If you purchase the Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.OH, you will also have a mic that is included inside of the remote control. Why is this a great feature? Because now you can keep the remote control inside of your purse or clutch, or in your hand. You can even place it in someone else’s hand, which will add excitement and unexpectedness to the experience.

ohmibod club vibe 2 side by side with panites

Ohmibod Club Vibe 2

What is the Range?

The remote of the Ohmibod Club Vibe product can reach between 15 and 20 feet. The remote also has five different levels of intensity that you can choose for the mode of Club (ambient). From the remote, you can change from the manual mode to ambient as you please. You can go through all of the patterns if you wish by simply clicking one button. You will never leave the house without the Ohmibod Club Vibe!

Other Options

Aside from the regular version of the Ohmibod Club Vibe and the Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.OH, which has more features and options, including a mic that is handheld on the remote control, you can choose the Club Vibe Wearable Bullet Vibrator. This product is just as great it just does not have as many features. It is also cheaper in price, so that is great. This product is controlled by voice and music and has 7 different patterns that are programmed in it. It is a great product that has 100% customer satisfaction.

Butterfly Kiss Vibrator with Clit Stimulator Review

You probably have had your current vibrator for quite some time. Perhaps you have the standard silver bullet that has been with you for years. However, when you have reached your sexual and sensual plateau when it comes to using this particular sex toy, your appetite might lead you to searching for whatever comes next.

What exactly is the upgraded, revolutionary alternative to traditional vibrators that may have bored you sexually? It is none other than the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator with Clit Stimulator.

>>See the Award Winning Butterfly Kiss Vibe Here<<

Quality Brand, Quality Product
One of the biggest benefits and advantages of the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator with Clit Stimulator is the simple fact that it is developed and designed by one of the most reputable brands in the industry – California Exotic Novelties.

Even if you have never used the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator before or have no idea what in the world this kind of sex toy can even do in the first place, you can simply trust in the quality and performance that California Exotic Novelties has become known for over the years within this competitive market.

Built for Long-Lasting Comfort & Pleasure
Another impressive perk about the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator with Clit Stimulator is the simple fact that it is clearly built for more than just pleasure. This revolutionary sex toy is also built effectively for long-lasting comfort and support! Unlike many other low-quality pleasure-inducing devices that look like they would hurt if you got a little too rough with handling them in the bedroom, this Butterfly Kiss Vibrator clearly looks like it will provide nothing but pleasure for hours at a time.

Competitive Package, Competitive Price
If you are searching for the ultimate sex toy, then you have more than likely focused on complete kits and packages – piecing together different sex toy packages and pleasure kits on your own. However, the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator provides you with everything that you will need in one device.

Instead of purchasing multiple products from multiple brands, you can just purchase this one high-quality product to care for a wide range of sexual needs. The shaft of the vibrator is perfect for vibration. The ribbed design simulates the curvature of a human penis almost perfectly. If you thought that was it, you are absolutely wrong! The Clit Stimulator is specifically designed to take care of the clitoris from start to finish. While the vibrator itself is working its way through the walls, hills and valleys within the vagina overall, the Clit Stimulator targets the clitoris and will not stop until it is completely removed.

The Bottom Line
If you are okay with “acceptable” orgasms and average sexual experiences when using sex toys and pleasure-inducing devices, then you might simply want to stay with exactly what you already have in your collection. However, chances are that you want to step things up a few notches and take the overall experience to a whole new level. If that is the case, then your best bet would be to invest your hard-earned money into the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator with Clit Stimulator.

All about the Tommy Gunn CyberSkin Extension

toomy gunn

You might not be pleased with what you are packing “below the border” – especially if you are plagued by the reminder that size matters. However, advanced technology and sex toys have made it possible for you to receive the additional “boost” you need whenever you need it. No pills with their controversial side effects.

No penis enlargement devices with their potentially hazardous consequences. The “boost” that you need to in the bedroom comes in a packaged product known as the Tommy Gunn CyberSkin extension.                       >>See it Here<<

The Pure Definition of an Extension
If you truly do want to enjoy the beauty and benefit of a temporary extension, then the Tommy Gunn CyberSkin extension is exactly what you need to get yourself self-esteem boosted in the bedroom. Keep in mind that the extension for your penis works just like an extension cord for a standard cable. You want more power and size – a CyberSkin extension is exactly what you need.

A Limited Nature of Controversy
As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest benefits of a Tommy Gunn CyberSkin extension is that it does not come with a laundry list of controversial side effects and potentially damaging consequences. You will not have to worry about suffering from some sort of adverse reaction or allergic side effects, because you will never need to use any type of pills or medications just to enjoy the length and girth provided by this extension.

The Tommy Gunn CyberSkin gives you all of the benefits and advantages that you want to have in the bedroom without giving you all of the negative consequences and repercussions that you don’t.

The Perfect Package
Have you ever wished that you had the “perfect” package – perhaps one that reflects the size and girth of an adult film star? Well, the Tommy Gunn CyberSkin extension is actually molded after adult film star Tommy Gunn. It measures over eight inches in length and approximately six inches when it comes to internal depth. The external diameter of this extension reaches a maximum measurement of 2.18 inches with a non-stretched internal diameter of 1.5 inches.

Like the real thing, you won’t have to necessarily worry about it shriveling up or becoming damaged in water simply because it is completely waterproof. As mentioned earlier, you won’t even have to worry about any type of allergic reaction since this CyberSkin extension is not made with any type of phthalates.

How Does It Work?
If you have never used an extension before, then you probably are wondering exactly how this type of device would even work in the first place. The Power Suction is designed to lock the extension itself directly onto the shaft of your penis. The inner chamber of the CyberSkin extension is actually customized and tailored to look and fill just like a penis in order to create the perfect fit and comfortable texture when placed directly onto your penis. All that you have to do is squeeze the reservoir tip like you would do to a condom and insert your penis.


The Amazing Chin Strap Dildo

girls dressed in lingerie

If you are looking for an effective way to accelerate and elevate your sex life to brand new heights, there are a wide variety of sex toys and pleasure devices that will allow you to do just that. When it comes to reaching a superior level of penetration in a woman, a dildo can really come in handy – which is why it is perhaps one of the most popular types of sex toys on the market today.

However, it seems that the efficiency and performance of the traditional dildo has been enhanced even farther and farther with an upgraded version known as a chin strap dildo.

The Basic Structure
What exactly is a chin strap dildo? If you have never seen a chin strap dildo before, you can basically use the actual name for this product to get a general idea of what it looks like and how it works. Basically, the chin strap dildo is designed just like a headgear with a large dildo attached to the chin. It can fit safely on your head comfortably so you will not necessarily have to worry about any type of uncomfortable fit while enjoying your sexual experience with your significant other.

How Does It Work?
The way that the chin strap dildo works is a lot simpler than and not as complicated as you might think. If you are interested in providing your woman with a superior level of pleasure, then the chin strap dildo will give you the window of opportunity that can allow you to do just that. The dildo itself will allow you to generate maximum penetration. The placement of the dildo, however, is in a perfect position for you to use your mouth as well.

That’s right! By using the chin strap dildo, you will be able to penetrate your woman’s vagina – reaching a level of frequency and deep penetration that you more than likely could not reach with your own penis naturally. In addition, you will be able to use your lips, tongue and mouth to provide her with a wide range of pleasurable feelings and orgasmic sensations at the same time.

>>Buy a Chin Strap Dildo for Under $30<<

How Does It Help?
How exactly does the chin strap dildo help? Why in the world would you want to buy or even wear something like this? The answer is simple. The chin strap dildo allows you to accomplish something sexually by yourself that would normally take at least two people to do. If you want to provide your woman with a maximum amount of pleasure in a minimum amount of time, then you will quickly strap the chin strap dildo to your face without hesitation.

For example, let’s say that you want your woman to sit directly on your face. With the chin strap dildo, she will be able to achieve a maximum level of penetration while you are also able to use your mouth to please her in other ways. Even though it might seem to be a little awkward at first, you will quickly see just how valuable this chin strap dildo will become in your collection of sexy toys.

I am fairly certain once you have a chin strap dildo in your possession it will be quite simple to find new and exciting ways to give or get pleasure with this device!

Top 5 Quietest Vibrators for When You Need Discretion

When you are trying to set the mood and enhance the overall foreplay experience, the last thing that you want is an extremely loud vibrator. Even though the motion of the vibrator might be pleasant enough to warm up your engine, excessively loud noises coming from the vibrator can force you to shut the engine down before you even put your foot on the gas. Fortunately, these six devices are some of the quietest vibrators available on the market today.

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The Romance Vibrator
The Romance Vibrator has been known as one of the best performing vibrators available today primarily because of the fact that it is whisper quiet. The low level of noise does not take away from the intensity of the actual vibrator at all – especially since it is programmed to deliver a high level of performance that is strong yet smooth at the same time. The waterproof casing even keeps it protected from bathtubs and showers.

The Envy Vibrator
In addition to its quiet operation overall, the Envy Vibrator is primarily known for its comparable design and appearance which matches that of a traditional model. The Envy Vibrator is primarily designed for the old-fashioned couples that are used to enjoying the old-fashioning vibrators.
However, they are more concerned about the noise factor that many older vibrators never could get low enough to be enjoyable thoroughly for extended periods of time. The Envy Vibrator has broken down those barriers in a strong yet smooth rechargeable package.

The Lelo Soraya Vibrator
If you are willing to pay a considerable amount of money for a high-quality vibrator, then the Lelo Soraya Vibrator could very well be the perfect fit for you. Even if you have fallen in love with a number of different vibrators in the past, the whisper quiet operations of the Lelo Soraya Vibrator will permanently change your mind.
It is rechargeable and comes with two different levels of vibration that fully put the power of control into your hands. Like many other popular vibrators of its caliber, the Lelo Soraya Vibrator is waterproof as well for long-term use even when underwater.

The Lelo Tor II Vibrating Ring
The Lelo Tor II penis ring is definitely not your traditional vaginal vibrators, especially since it is designed to be worn around the man’s penis. However, it definitely belongs on the list of the top quietest vibrators on the market simply because you can hardly hear it at all when it is being used.
The quality of this reusable and rechargeable penis ring makes it a much more competitive deal than many other comparable penis rings developed by competing brands and manufacturers because of the fact that you can use it over 10,000 times without letup.

The Little Chroma Whisper-Quiet Vibrator

Another great deal that you should take into consideration is the Little Chroma Whisper-Quiet Vibrator. It is made out of metal, which means that it was designed and developed to last much longer than plastic and rubber counterparts. In addition to its quietness, an advantage of this particular model is that you can heat it up or cool it down to meet your specific needs at that time.