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adult toy mini vibeAdult Toys are simply props or gadgets that people use to enhance sexual pleasure either alone or with a partner.

Of course these toys have a wide range of applications and are designed for women, men and couples to use. Some of the types of adult toys we will discuss are vibrators (often misspelled vibraters), dildos, male masterbators and much more as we think of it.

Aphrodite’s Intimates realizes that an adult toy is a high personal choice but not a decision to be taken lightly. To that end we will do our best to provide product information from manufacturers, industry experts, customer feedback, online reviews and even personal stories and recommendations.

Our goal is to be a valuable resource for everyone that visits our page so when they are ready to make that purchase they choose our products with confidence.

We hope that you find that special toy that gives you and if applicable, your partner, years and years of reliable performance and pleasure.

Clone a Willy Review

clone a willy

Hello Ladies! How often does your Man go out of town? You are horney and you want to play because he’s gone or he’s home & not putting out? Or you might want him plus a little something extra? We have the perfect solution for you!! Make your own dildo Ladies!!!
I have the perfect solution for you! A mold of your Man and maybe a special “fun” mold, if that will fit your fancy! It’ll make you feel like you can be with 2 different Men without getting in trouble! Why should you feel guilty Ladies?? You’re not cheating; you’re just having some harmless, sexual fun!!

April Fools Prank with Adult Toy

Well, this is one way to get a reaction out of someone! Take a peek, it’s pretty funny!

The Miracle Massager

Miracle massager

Gone are the days when the only way to take care of an urge to massage your back had to be controlled exclusively by having someone else with a pair of free hands and a knack for hitting pressure points. Today, we have the ability to depend on the implementation of technology into the massage game that can give an experience just as satisfying as the most expert masseuse. The Miracle Massager is just another example of the many great handheld technologies there are available to make relaxation in the comfort of your own home all that much sweeter. With this device, you’ll take comfort in knowing that a world class massage can basically be held in the palm of your hand and stored next to your bedside for any moment that you desire it.

It’s Good For You

Getting a massage on a regular basis can prove to be an extremely satisfying way to get all of the latent tension and negativity clogging up your body cleaned out in an incredibly short amount of time. What some people may never realize is just how much the tense feelings locked up in their muscles can negatively impact their productivity without them ever even realizing it. The Miracle Massager, if used correctly, will be more than just a way to physically soothe your body; it can also be a way to soothe your mind as a whole.

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Why Use a Remote Control Strap On

remote control strap on

Why use a remote control strap on? A better question to ask would probably be, “why NOT use a remote control strap on?” In today’s extremely liberated world of sexuality, there are so many more options of ways to dive into the pursuit of carnal pleasure than there used to be in the days when being sexually expressive was more publicly frowned upon; why not fully immerse yourself in all of the different ways to explore this new capacity for sexual identity realization?

Cum with convenience

As strap on vibrator is a device that you can use to make the experience of pleasuring yourself just a little bit more dynamic than what you’re used to. If you get off the same way every single time, then you just may find that the experience becomes more routine than exhilarating. The remote control strap on gives you the ability to keep your hands free when you’re in the throes of self-indulgent passion.

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The Rampant Rabbit Toy

rampant rabbit vibe

There’s an incredibly long history of toys for sexual stimulation that have each had their own different angle for giving women a feeling that may not be able to be replicated by even a real man with working parts. The different kinds of sexual toys have been relatively common in their shared function of stimulating the vaginal walls through penetration or through manipulation of the clitoris.  The vibrator and ben-wa balls have been and still are extremely popular tools for specially targeted areas of stimulation, clitoris and anus respectively. Recently though, as of the 90’s, there has been the arrival of toys that can simultaneously please the user by both penetrating her while manipulating the clitoris simultaneously; this is what many woman have come to know and love as the Rampant Rabbit.


The Rabbit is made out of a body and a rabbit-shaped extension that protrudes from the base of the head and vibrates vigorously. Electrical components inside of the device are constantly at work in order to keep the tool working at top speed for as long as the woman wants to push her pleasure to the ceiling. The base of the rabbit is thick and rectangular, with an electronic control panel, and the body extending from the panel is shaped just like a phallus, much like the conventional dildo.

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All About The Lelo Elise

Lelo Elise

The body isn’t just something that you want to feed, hydrate and fill up with oxygen, it is something that has an inherent need to be regularly pleasured and unburdened of all of the negative residual emotions and physical tension it picks up during the week. The Lelo Elise, along with being able to massage all of the areas of the body that can build up tightness from over-exertion, you can also enjoy the privilege of the massager as a tool that can be used for maximum pleasure when applied to those special and sensual areas.


Because of the Elise’s design, it is incredibly adept at reaching the areas of the body that you need it to with a nearly seamless flow of motion. The Elise is an ergonomic tool, something that is specially designed so that it can flawlessly fit into the human hand without any risk of causing any stress, fatigue or hand cramps after it’s been used for an extensive amount of time. The Elise is going to feel more like an extension of your own body than just something you grip and wield to do a job.

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We-Vibe 3 Review

we vibe 3

The revolutionary design of the vibrator has been improved and enhanced in so many different ways over the years that it can become rather difficult to choose the best design among them all.  Many consumers may even become a little confused and overwhelmed by all of the available choices, but the We-Vibe 3 has been specifically designed to blow their minds in more way than one – clearly standing out in this industry as one of the most impressive models available.

Premium Features Included


The We-Vibe 3 standard model comes fully-equipped with a wide variety of top-notch features that are rather hard to match by comparable models that have been developed by competing brands within the same price range.  For example, the built-in vibration feature has been programmed to deliver over 40% more power than its predecessors.  It also comes with two efficient motors that have been designed to operate and run as quietly as a vocal whisper.


Consumers have a choice between manually operating this particular model or, for additional convenience and efficiency they can simple use the wireless remote control that comes included within the package.  Its compact yet discreet design is a major selling point all on its own, but the fact that it is also waterproof is enough to impress even the most skeptical customers and critics.

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The Wet Wabbit Vibrator

wetwabbit purple

The Wet Wabbit is an apparatus that can bring an extremely fun and energetic escalation to you and your partner’s sexual energy. Essentially, it’s a device that will intensify the stimulation of any sexual orifice it’s inserted into by the way of intense vibration. The “wet” part of the name ‘Wet Wabbit’ should, according to the manufacturers, be taken as a warning of just what the device is capable of when you and your partner make the move to put it to work.


The Design


The Wabbit is designed in a phallic form typical of a dildo and can be used accordingly, but a certain physical addition steps the game up to the next level. The Wabbit has a rapidly-vibrating nub called the “ear”, extending from the base of the shaft, that works hard to stimulate the clitoris at a spirited pace while the main bulk of the toy is being thrust in and out of the vagina. When you combine the shaft of the device with the vibrating nub, you get a double-play power combo of pleasure that is able to simultaneously emulate both the thrust of the penis with the sensation of light oral sex.

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Discover the Top Male Masturbators

masturbator for men

If you’re a guy who is looking for ways to experience easier, more intense climaxes while masturbating, you need to discover the power and potential of the top male masturbators. These devices are designed to make masturbation simpler and more satisfying than it’s ever been before.

To get the inside scoop on these exciting devices and everything that they have to offer, be sure and read our practical quick guide. When you do, you’ll be able to access the potent sexual thrills that you’re looking for…

Experience the Popular Fleshlight Device

Men who want to experience the feel of actual sexual intercourse while masturbating will absolutely love the way that the Fleshlight device offers the most realistic sensations. That’s why the Fleshlight is probably the world’s most famous and revered top male masturabator.

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Fuck Me Silly Male Masturbator Review


A slim and toned valley of soft flesh, crowed with two creamy mountains that you can bury your face in while you make the earth beneath them quake: that is the dream you live when you invest in the glorious experience that is the ‘Fuck Me Silly’ Mega Masturbator. As soon as you pull this smoking hot vixen out of her container, she’s ready for you to ravage her box.


Out of all the sexy simulations of great, bouncy beauty that you’ll come across on the net, this one is by far the most realistic and satisfying that you will ever find and fuck. Over twelve pounds of succulent, ripe skin will absolutely devour and treat your cock like a Egyptian prince coming home from a hunt. The slick and expertly crafted pussy is so incredibly soothing to the dick that it may feel even better than the real thing. While you’re pounding away at her hungry slit, you can freely twist and tug on her eagerly perky nipples that dance upon two gigantic, 36DD tits awaiting your every touch. Watch the mammoth titties jiggle and wobble like jelly while you slay the space between them all night long. When you’re done with that, you can pry her cheeks apart and slam dunk your cock into her puckering little asshole until the sun makes the rooster crow for breakfast. Every single inch of your manly meat is going to hit this bodacious beauty at supersonic speed, and she’ll always be ready for even more; she’s always in heat, tighter than a lasso, and will never not feel like getting fucked silly.

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