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When you visit our store you have many ways in which you might be able to search for products.  You might click on a rotating banner and be taken to category of product, you might select one of the best… Continue Reading →

My Top 3 Picks for Sexy 7 till Midnight Evening Wear

Almost all women today want to feel drop-dead gorgeous and confident in the clothes they wear, and a perfect opportunity to gain that boost of confidence is by wearing sexier clothing. As evening turns into night, maybe you plan on… Continue Reading →

Embarrassing 1st Date Stories

  First dates are almost never perfect. Being the first time two people get together and talk in an attempt to discover more about each other, things can go bad if those two people do not know how to act,… Continue Reading →

Aphrodites Intimates Xotic Eyes Selection

According to the old adage, the eyes are the mirror to the soul. If that’s the case, then the selection of fun eye accessories from Xotic Eyes can help you reveal the sexy soul inside you. Whatever costume you’re choosing… Continue Reading →

Sexy Schoolgirl Costumes, Why are They so Popular?

Uniform fetishes are alive and well. They take many forms such as the uniforms of nurses, cheerleaders, and police officers. So what exactly is a uniform fetish? Well, to put it bluntly, a uniform fetish is a sexual fetish that… Continue Reading →

What You Need for the Sexy Cop Costume

Every year, when Halloween starts to roll around, store shelves are suddenly stuffed to the brim with Halloween costumes. Most of the kids costumes are fun characters from popular TV shows, movies or games. But once you turn the corner… Continue Reading →

Five Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas For 2014

Halloween is as much a holiday for adults as kids. Trick or treating gives way to adult play and this takes the perfect costume to wear. Your ideas can go from playful to sexy to completely X-rated and you need… Continue Reading →

Ellie Shoes Now In Stock

For many women, shoes are more than something you wear to keep from walking around barefoot. Shoes make a statement. To the fashion minded, that statement should be one they want echoed loud and clear. And to those who like… Continue Reading →

Six Unusual Sex Records you Probably did Not Know About

10 Doc Johnson Products You Had No Idea Existed

The sex toy industry is rocking and rolling. Back in 2008, the industry was worth right around the neighborhood of $15 billion worldwide, and had an estimated 30% growth rate. Today popular portrayals of female characters’ usage of sex toys… Continue Reading →

Pink Lipstick Lingerie Available Here

Aphrodite’s Intimates offers a large selection of the 2014 line of Pink Lipstick Lingerie.   You can see more Pink Lipstick Styles HERE  

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