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This is how packages arrive from Aphrodite’s Intimates. Extremely discreet packaging that provides no clue as to what might be inside.

College Students Working on Nail Polish that Detects Date Rape Drugs (Video)

Students at North Carolina State University are working on a nail polish that will change colors when the often odorless and colorless drugs are placed in their drinks. Women can simply swirl their fingers in the drink and upon detection… Continue Reading →

Is Robot Sex in our Future?

Just saying that a new piece of technology is beautifully designed, or even sexy, is going to have a whole new meaning in the not-so-distant future, according to leading experts in the world of advanced robotics and AI. Things are… Continue Reading →

Does More Sex Equal More Happiness?

Surprise, surprise. You might not actually believe it, but having more sex – a lot more sex – has recently been proven (scientifically, no less) to boost the happiness of human beings, often times dramatically. I know, alert the media…. Continue Reading →

Research Suggests Sex Education Should Start Early

Brand-new research published by Georgetown University suggests that there could be some pretty incredible benefits to our society if sexual education started at a much, much younger age than it currently does. According to researchers at the Georgetown University that… Continue Reading →

Creative Uses for a Sex Wedge Pillow

There are countless uses that you can expect from the sex wedge pillow and countless reasons this pillow is so popular. The sex wedge pillow is a creative way for couples to make love. The wedge pillow is created in… Continue Reading →

How to Have a Great Time with the Ohmibod Club Vibe

You can have a great time with the Ohmibod Club Vibe wherever you go. This product is known as an award winning and life-changing product. This vibrator is operated by remote control and you can charge it yourself whenever needed…. Continue Reading →

Pros and Cons of Iron Grip Condoms

The iron grip condoms are very popular these days. There are countless reasons why people like the condoms, and there are also some reasons why many do not prefer them. The iron grip condoms are said to fit snugly and… Continue Reading →

Study to Show the Sexual Behavior of Women while on Vacation

The issue and the main focus of this study is the sexual experimentation of women who go out of town or on vacation somewhere besides where they live. Most women who went so far to have sexual interactions while on… Continue Reading →

Ohio Morgue Attendant Accused of Having Sex with 100 Corpses

We live in a day and age where crazy and insane things happen. In August 2014, a morgue attendant in the state of Ohio admitted that he had sexual interaction with at least 100 different corpses while he was on… Continue Reading →

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