Four Daring Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

sexy woman on couch

In a truly liberated society you should be able to do what you would like to do providing that you are not breaking any laws and that everyone involved are consenting adults. Spicing up your sex life is no different.

Everyone has their own idea of what daring might be so we are making a short list of ways that you can add a bit of fun to your bedroom escapades. As the list grows the intensity and daring will escalate a bit. Not everything on this list will be for everyone but perhaps someone will get some ideas after reading this list.

With all of these sex ideas, it takes a certain amount of maturity and understanding to avoid unintended consequences and jealousy. It also takes trust to let go. You should not punish your partner for being open and honest with you. In fact, it takes quite a bit of courage to be able to reveal your most intimate fantasy and desires to the person that you love. Knowing that what you might say to your partner may change their perception of you and cause some issues can be a scary thought. On the other hand, if you have an open and understanding partner, you should not be punished for revealing a fantasy, even if they think it is a bad idea.

We are going to go beyond the usual “Put on some sexy lingerie” concepts and look at other ways to add some excitement to your sexcapades.

My Top 3 Picks for Sexy 7 till Midnight Evening Wear

clubdress 3

Almost all women today want to feel drop-dead gorgeous and confident in the clothes they wear, and a perfect opportunity to gain that boost of confidence is by wearing sexier clothing. As evening turns into night, maybe you plan on spending time with your significant other and want to impress him or her with some new eye-catching lingerie. Here are some styles that might interest you, and give your partner reason to tune out of the TV and tune into you instead.

1. Shadow stripe mesh bustier, garter straps and thong

7 till midnight 1

Embarrassing 1st Date Stories

1st date stories


First dates are almost never perfect. Being the first time two people get together and talk in an attempt to discover more about each other, things can go bad if those two people do not know how to act, what to say and what to do on a first date. Although these stories are often times so embarrassing that people will try to forget them as much as possible, they can prove to be entertaining and quite funny when retold to friends, family or to random people through blogs and websites.

So, without further ado, here are some embarrassing, yet hilarious first date stories:

1. Unforeseen situations

Being on the first date I have had with a guy that I really liked, I tried my best to look good and act decent. The first dates are usually the time when you discover the other person and if you do anything wrong, there is a high chance of you not ever making past date number 2. So, me, being the nervous wreck that I was, I chose to go out and buy new clothes, to impress the guy. I also purchased new make-ups and all the stuff I thought I would need to look at my best.

Aphrodites Intimates Xotic Eyes Selection

Xotic Eyes Angel

According to the old adage, the eyes are the mirror to the soul. If that’s the case, then the selection of fun eye accessories from Xotic Eyes can help you reveal the sexy soul inside you. Whatever costume you’re choosing or whatever theme you’ve got going, Xotic Eyes can adorn your face with just the right look. Their selection of lashes, masks, eye feathers and eye make-up offer you a wide variety of looks for the occasion. Have some fun browsing through this menagerie of accessories designed to bring out the inner party girl.

If you’re looking for a cover-up that says come hither, look no further than the Badgirl Mask. The black, cat-eye shaped mask covers very little of the face but its sexy shape let’s people know there’s more behind the mask. They had better watch out because a bad girl’s come out to play.

Xotic Eyes has everything you need to dress up your eyes too. Fantasy lashes, feathers and glitter all combine to create the illusion. Bring back burlesque with the Burlesque Eye Feather box. This small feather fan will cover your eyebrows and hint at the beauty below, just like a burlesque dancer’s fan would.

If burlesque isn’t your cup of tea, Xotic Eyes also has a variety of cat wing eyes. You can choose the simple curved black stripes of the Doll Cat Wing lashes, or go full out with the Monster Cat Wing lashes. These fluffy pink feathered lashes crown your eyes with a kittenish look. They are a great way to make your whole face glow.

Xotic Eyes even has simple basic black lashes if you’re only looking to enhance what nature has given you. Or you can choose to create other exotic looks through the various themed make-up kits available through Xotic Eyes. The kits include upper and lower Xotic Eyes, eyelashes, eyelash glue, party glitter goo, a brush and an eyelid wipe.

Give your eyes a glittering goddess glow with the Isis eye make-up kit. The shiny blue jewels on the lashes of this kit will make your eyes radiate your brilliance. You will look truly divine when you use them. Other kits are designed to reveal emotions such as passion, envy and a touch of the angelic.

Or you can go more for the animal instinct with kits such as the Cheetah eyes. The rich chocolate, caramel and gold spots on these lashes will make your inner sex kitten purr and your intended victims sit up and take notice. For an even more exotic look, try the Peacock kit. This luscious blend of blues and greens will bring out the depths of your eyes. The glittery accents will make your whole face sparkle.

Xotic Eyes has so many products to choose from that you won’t go away empty-handed. You can choose from basic to detailed, each one designed to make your look sensual and seductive. Try Xotic Eyes to bring out your own exotic eyes.

Sexy Schoolgirl Costumes, Why are They so Popular?

sexy schoolgirl costume

Uniform fetishes are alive and well. They take many forms such as the uniforms of nurses, cheerleaders, and police officers. So what exactly is a uniform fetish? Well, to put it bluntly, a uniform fetish is a sexual fetish that involves being fixated on certain types of uniforms. Some people have fetishes about other types of clothing, too, so it’s not just limited to uniforms.

One of the oldest and most popular uniform fetishes is of the schoolgirl uniform. You know the type. They wear a short plaid skirt, knee high socks, and a cute blouse to complete the outfit. This fetish is enormously popular in Japanese culture, but western countries have their own versions as well. After all, how many movies and TV shows have you watched that portrayed a scene where a character, dressed in a private catholic school uniform, comes out and all the guys go crazy fawning over her?

If you’re still having trouble picturing it, think about Molly Shannon’s character in Superstar. While not the shining example of innocent seduction, it’ll point your mind in the right direction, at least.

What You Need for the Sexy Cop Costume

Every year, when Halloween starts to roll around, store shelves are suddenly stuffed to the brim with Halloween costumes. Most of the kids costumes are fun characters from popular TV shows, movies or games. But once you turn the corner around the adult aisle you are bombarded with costumes of sexy nurses and vampires.

The great thing about costumes like these is that they can be worn for more than just Halloween festivities. Picking out just the right dirty outfit can lead to some extended fun in the bed.

One of the ultimate fantasies that every guy has had at least one time in their life is the dirty cop. You’re driving down a dark one night and a car approaches you from behind. Next thing you know, your car is filled with lights flashing red, white, and blue. The officer walks up to your vehicle and knocks on the window. When you turn your head you see a smoking blonde with her blouse half unbuttoned, bosom out, and asking to see more than just your license and registration.

Read on below to find out what you need to make this fantasy a reality for your partner.

The Outfit

The type of cop costume you choose is going to be completely up to preference. Here are a few distinct styles to choose from:

sexy cop blue skirt style

 Full Body Suit – This is often a skin-tight leather body suit. Fitted to show off your every beautiful curve on your body, a full body suit is the perfect way to tease your partner. It’s attractive, seductive, but doesn’t give away too much at first glance. It’ll leave your partner craving what’s underneath.
 Middle Piece Costumes – These are the costumes that are generally focused on covering the midsection while being generous with the rest. This style has the most varied selection as you might find a two piece that sports a busty top with short skin tight shorts, or a one piece with fishnets or stockings.
 Lingerie Costumes – These are essentially nothing more than a bikini top and bottom with police emblems or patterns. These are perfect to wear underneath a full body suit to add some extra zeist.

sexy cop thong style costume

Sexy Cop Costume

The Accessories

Accessories are all part of the outfit. Getting a matching hat with some aviators can complete the look of a genuine sexy cop costume. Fingerless lace or regular gloves combined with a playful baton for when your partner isn’t following directions can be added in as a bonus. The most iconic accessory every sexy cop needs is a pair of handcuffs. How else can you restrain your partner when they don’t follow your directions?

The Attitude

Every cop has one, and you’ll need one too in order to complete your partner’s fantasy. Remember that your role as an officer of law is to enforce it, and your partner has just broken. Offer them a sexy reward if they’re willing to step in line.

Follow these easy steps, pick out the right outfit, and you’ll be the dirty cop of your partner’s fantasies in no time.

Five Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas For 2014

Halloween is as much a holiday for adults as kids. Trick or treating gives way to adult play and this takes the perfect costume to wear. Your ideas can go from playful to sexy to completely X-rated and you need a place that provides just what you are looking for. If you’re looking for the right one to party in this Halloween, look no further than these great choices. The first three are from the sexy collection and the last two go over the line into strictly X-rated.

Nurse Ivana
This sexy option takes an old favorite and lets you whet their appetite for more. Nurse Ivana’s outfit comes with a halter tie top, thong, hat, belt and novelty syringe. The bedside manner is all left up to you but the treatment you give or get should be a whole lot of fun. There isn’t much to the costume, which makes the price just about perfect.

Sexy Nurse Costume Ivana

>>See some sexy costume ideas here<<

French Maid
Another traditional favorite with a new, sexy twist is the French Maid outfit. This four piece set comes with an apron, a maid’s cap, French cuffs, and panties. It’s all you need to clean up on Halloween night. If you’re looking to add a little more oomph to the outfit, you can check out one of the accessories advertised with it: an aphrodisiac enhanced lubricant. After all, a good French maid should be prepared for anything.

sexy french maid costume

Exotic Bellydancer
This one is a good way to show off your moves and most of the rest of you as well. You can also use it to be the Genie out of the bottle for the night. Just be careful what wishes you choose to grant. The outfit comes with a halter bra with coin trim, a thong with an attached mesh skirt, and a neck collar with a chain leash. It’s the perfect replica of those exotic Arabian nights. You’ll want to make sure who’s holding the end of your leash though.

Sexy Belly Dancer Costume

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl
Head to the wild, wild West with this X-rated ensemble that shows just how racy a cowgirl can be. The outfit includes a pink fringed cowgirl bra with matching scarf cuffs and thong, and a holster belt because every cowgirl needs somewhere to put that six-shooter. When you put this costume on, you’d better get ready for the ride of your life.

Ride em cowgirl costume

Gypsy Dancer
Travel even further into your erogenous zones by dressing for an erotic gypsy caravan. This outfit includes an open cup sleepwear bra top with coin trim and a matching g-string. There is also a matching head band, wrist bands and neck band with attached cape to make the look complete.

sexy adult gypsy dance costume

Happy Halloween!
Whichever costume you choose, your night will be memorable. There are also amazing accessories to help you create the mood and enjoy the experience. Check out all of the various lubricants and other notions designed to go with the particular costume you choose for Halloween night.

Ellie Shoes Now In Stock

For many women, shoes are more than something you wear to keep from walking around barefoot. Shoes make a statement. To the fashion minded, that statement should be one they want echoed loud and clear. And to those who like their fashion a bit out of the box, shoes can be the complement that defines truly eclectic style. Although there are many brands on the market today that will complement any outfit, when it comes to funky costume footwear and just the right shoe to set off your sexy lingerie, Ellie Shoes is the brand you want to look at.

Ellie Shoes was founded by Ellen Renger in 2000 and is still a family owned and operated business. Their initial line of footwear consisted of lingerie and bedroom shoes for women. As the company grew, the demand for sexy footwear to go with the popular sexy Halloween costumes gave them a reason to branch out. Today Ellie Shoes offers both a Sexy line of their signature bedroom shoes and a Halloween collection of sexy footwear to go with your costume.

Ellie platform heels come in such a wide variety of colors and styles it would be hard not to find a pair that suits you. Rightly filed under “sexy wear”, Ellie’s Alexia 6 inch Neon Stacked platform heels are a vision in yellow or Fuchsia that will be sure to get you noticed. The black insole, strap and edging set off the bright hues of the yellow and the buckle is a nice accent. But the stacked front is what makes the shoe so appealing. It is available in green and pink as well as the yellow.

ellie alexia platform heel
If you’re in the market for a more classically elegant look, check out Ellie’s Milla 6 inch Heel Ankle boots. With a thickened front sole, decorative front lacing and an inner zipper, they give the look of eclectic style with the ease of modern footwear. The shiny black covering will match almost any type of evening attire you might choose. You can pair it with casual or formal and the look will be magnificent.

Ellies Milla 6 inch Heel Ankle boots
For those who want Cinderella elegance for their costume, the beauty of the Tess 6″ Strap Heel in black is a great choice. The delicate straps on the front and the shining array of crystal decorative work along the strap add up to a shoe fit for a princess. With these on your feet you will never want to leave the ball. At least not without your own version of Prince Charming.

Black Ellie Tess heel
Ellie Shoes is in the business of creating the perfect choice for wherever your desire takes you. Be it the bedroom or the ball, you’ll find what you need in the way of footwear to make your outfit complete and your evening one to remember. Ellie can even provide buckles and rings to accent your shoes and non-stick grips for the bottom of your shoes to keep you on your feet all night long.

Six Unusual Sex Records you Probably did Not Know About


Unusual Sex Records

10 Doc Johnson Products You Had No Idea Existed

The sex toy industry is rocking and rolling. Back in 2008, the industry was worth right around the neighborhood of $15 billion worldwide, and had an estimated 30% growth rate. Today popular portrayals of female characters’ usage of sex toys is becoming more common. And as pop culture begins to openly embrace its sexuality, it’s easy to come back to an old marketing tactic — sex sells.

One popular sex toy company, Doc Johnson, is one of the oldest sex toy manufacturers in the country. Doc Johnson has been selling sex toys since the 1976. They’re responsible for creating toys from the likes of Jenna Jameson, Sasha Grey, and Belladonna. They’re also creators of two of the most popular sex toys to date — the Pocket Rocket and the Lucid Dreams vibrator collection.

But did you know Doc Johnson also made unique products like the Mini Mini Monkey – an extremely small vibrator meant for clitoral stimulation in the form of a monkey? Read on below to find 10 Doc Johnson products you didn’t know existed.

1. Wonderland The Mystical Mushroom – The mystical mushroom kicks things off for us by being an Alice in Wonderland inspired g-spot stimulator. The mystical mushroom isn’t messing around. At 4 inches of usable length and 10 different function, it’ll take you on any adventure you want. **Out of Stock but more than 75,000 people have purchased this ring**

Wonderland Mystical Mushroom

2. Oralove Intimints Mints Tin – The oralove intimints makes the list because a sex toy company is the last place you’d think of buying a pack of mints.

orallove intimints tin

3. Pussy Pump – Yes, you read that right. This product serves the same role as its counterpart, the penis pump. Using promise of the pussy pump is that it will “enlarge your love lips for ultimate love-making pleasure.”

Blue Pussy Pump Doc Johnson

4. Squirting Realistic Cock – Let’s be honest, dildos are a dime-a-dozen at this point. What makes this dildo unique is that it can ejaculate. Equipped with a nub at the tip for added realism, and realistic balls, the squirting cock is almost as good as the real thing. For an added bonus, you can put in whatever substance you want.

doc johnson squirting realistic cock

5. Ur3 Club Ashton Moore Ass and Vagina – This is a realistic modeling of Ashton Moore’s lady bits. Fit with ultra realistic 3.0 material, what makes this unique is the model itself. Most products like these only model the bits, but the Ur3 AMAV modeled part of her hand for added realism. There is also the Sasha Grey deep throat stroker which is a popular and well reviewed product.

Ur3 Club Ashton Moore

6. Vac-U-Lock – Knuckle Up – A Vac-U-Lock is a locking system fit for use on strapons. What makes the Knuckle Up unique is that it is essential an anal plug sitting on top of brass knuckles.

Vac U Lock Knuckle Up

7. Doc Johnson Batteries – AAA 4 Pack – Possibly the cheapest 4 pack of AAA batteries around, Doc Johnson branded batteries are perfect for powering other Doc Johnson products.

doc johnson aaa batteries

8. The Fist – The fist is exactly what it says it is – a model of an arm and fist. The 14” Fist is armed for any situation.

Fist Toy

9. Wendy Williams Ur3 Ass and Balls – The Wendy Williams Ur3 is the perfect mold for when you’re just not quite sure what you want. This is another unique mold that adds in both hands for the extra realistic experience.

Wendy Williams Ur3 Ass and Balls

10. Mini Mini Monkey – Rounding off our list actually brings us back to the beginning. The Mini Mini Monkey is the perfect bullet vibrator to add a little fun into your play time.

Doc Johnson Mini Monkey


While not every toy listed on our list will be to your liking, they’re all special snowflakes in our book. For more great products, cruise on over to this store and check out these products and hundreds of others.